Unknown is not an
advertising agency.

At least not in
a conventional sense.


Creative by heart

Whether you are hunting transactions or building your image, branding has to be alluring to attract consumers. Brands need to stimulate and withdraw people and create interest through innovation, mystery and emotions. To do so we believe in the power of creativity.

If you manage to deliver exciting and relevant branding to the consumers, they will not think of it as boring or interrupting, on the contrary they are more likely to seek it out themself. We want to make people talk about the brand, if it's consumers or journalists. That's how we think branding should be. Because you are more likely to remember stories you have communicated yourself.


We do creative branding. Nothing less.

Unknown doesn't do assembly line work. We believe that original ideas and remarkable stories have the best living conditions in environments without bureaucracy - hence our size. Unknown is a creative and strategic power house. We are strategic counsellors, creative concept developers and detail oriented executers.

But no solution is the same. Thats why we have teamed up with some of the brightest minds in their respective industries. With our network of external partners we can accomplish everything that's needed to make people start talking about your brand.



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